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China FAQ Moto FAQ
General info on riding in China including licensing, where to ride, when to ride and what's the best method to use?

Info on "Motogaphy" and special considerations to make on a journey

Western China KMZ

Western China GPS track data and way points layers for Google Earth 3D.

Western China Road conditions map

A map of collected information about road conditions in Western China.


Online collection of all photos and includes non-moto travels


A great place to share your geotagged images. Combined with Google Earth, a great tool for trip planning.


More useful and important links for planning your journey: Probably the most active Adventure touring online community today. A wealth of experience and information in an easy to use interface. Also a great moto adventure travel site, lots of info here about borders and some pretty far out places in the world! A very active motorcycle adventure travel group in India, and it's got movies!
Ironbutt Association Some of the world's toughest riders. Big stress on safety, preparations and responsibility. IBA has different rides you can do to become a member and a hard-core rally every year. One of the best Chinese online motorcycling communities. Only really useful if you can read Chinese but has lots of great information including a fairly popular bike-mart where sometimes good deals can be found.